Dear Parishioner,

I would like to introduce myself to you as a prospective Deputy for St. Peter Port North with which I’ve had a long and happy association during my varied career within the Education Service.

It was my privilege to work for many years with young people and their families from St Peter Port Secondary School initially as their teacher, subsequently in charge of their careers education and finally as their head teacher. Their vitality, outlook and aspirations inspire my thinking to this day.

I have taken the decision to stand for election at this time because there is current, irrefutable evidence that things in Guernsey have got to change and I would like to play a part in that process. During a long and varied career, both within schools and as warden of the local Teachers’ Centre, I was often at the forefront of managing and effecting change. Such was my interest in the complexities of the process that I undertook an extensive research project to explore and to analyse the wider issues regarding the management of change. With a keen interest in local politics, a great deal of experience that successive policies have had on the “ordinary” Guernsey person and a well informed approach to the process of change I believe I have a lot to contribute to the next States of Deliberation.

For many, Guernsey is a unique and wonderful place to live and most of us are immensely proud of our island home. I am, however, mindful of the increasing number of people who, through little fault of their own, find themselves in less than fortunate circumstances. Those, for example, who cannot afford to take that first step onto the housing market, those who run small businesses in this increasingly competitive community and those on low incomes who cannot access the recreational opportunities that many take for granted.

If elected, I would take the responsibility of representing you, the parishioner very seriously indeed and would not be afraid to ask difficult questions on your behalf, or shy away from making difficult decisions if they are in your best interests. I would most certainly push for essential changes whilst working hard to promote a more collaborative government with a holistic, rather than a fragmented, approach to policy and planning.

The following summarise the key principles that I believe in, they are further elaborated upon in the rest of my manifesto and on my website www.petersherbourne.co.uk:


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