The Economy

I fully appreciate the need for a fiscal policy which maintains the island’s competitiveness in the international world of finance. Many islanders rely on the finance industry for their livelihood and without a vigorous and successful business base our important services cannot be maintained.   Guernsey needs an innovative taxation system that maintains the interest and the confidence of big business whilst supporting our own small to middles sized businesses and the wider population. The zero ten policy has resulted in the burden shifting too heavily onto the shoulders of the general public and critically onto those least able to afford it. There is a need to reassess this burden of responsibility. In particular, non resident beneficiaries of our taxation structure should be required to contribute more to the welfare of the island. I do not support the capping of tax liability for high earners.

Any revision of our fiscal policy, as applied to big business, will need to be undertaken with caution and sensitivity, however, there is much the States can do in other areas of island life to promote the growth of our local businesses. If elected, I would support States encouragement of initiatives, which promote full use of the entrepreneurial skills that abound in this island. Planning laws which inhibit appropriate land use for industry, for example should be reassessed regularly and modified to provide an industry friendly ethos. Our States should be seen as ‘enablers’ and not ‘restrictors’ by cutting bureaucracy and streamlining the planning process.
Every effort should be made to encourage and support our local tourist industry to ensure that Guernsey remains a desirable destination for tourists. Our Bailiwick is stunningly beautiful with a unique heritage of which we are all justifiably proud. Our Culture and Leisure department do an excellent job in promoting the arts and sport and consequently we have a vibrant and extensive infrastructure which enhances our quality of life. We need to value our sporting and cultural heritage and secure the appropriate investment in this aspect outside world.
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