Social policy

Through strong leadership and investment in the past we have a health service of which we can be proud. Long term care provision is good and our pension arrangements are better than the U.K. However, there is always room for improvement and there are anomalies in provision that need to be addressed. I would like to see an internal review of all identified anomalies so that a fair and equitable provision is made. 

I have been critical of past housing policies which have failed to provide adequate accommodation for those in our community who struggle to make ends meet. Poverty exists in Guernsey and although we do not witness the distressing scenes of U.K. inner city deprivation, we must ensure that in Guernsey support is provided for those who need help to get on with their lives. It is essential that a wealthy community such as ours should constantly endeavour to reduce the number of families who are caught in a poverty trap. The numbers of these families has remained constant for many years, even in time of economic growth and that should not be the case. Funding and joint states and private initiatives for homes must be continued and further improved. It is good to see that the current housing department have embarked on a programme of replacing inadequate homes in certain areas. The Guernsey Housing Association as an example of joint states/private initiatives has been very successful and I would support the extension of this programme.

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