The Environment

We are a small, densely populated community and we can ill afford to waste time, money, energy or space. We must work together to provide the necessary coordinated infrastructure for the island which monitors, respects and protects our environment and which will benefit the whole community for future generations. 

I admire those who make conscious lifestyle decisions based on their impact on the environment. It is easy for us to assume that, as individuals, our contribution would be so small as to be negligible. Collectively, however, we could make a real difference and I welcome the new Public Service’s Strategy for waste management which emphasises “reduction, reuse and recycling.” 
In our busy lives we tend to opt for the easiest, or sometimes the cheapest, option which is seldom the most environmentally friendly. However, with more encouragement, guidance and a definite “lead by example” approach from the States I believe that most islanders would willingly embrace significant lifestyle changes if they could see real long term benefits.
The following are examples of issues that require careful consideration:
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